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The Legal Marketing Firm designs and markets websites exclusively for the legal industry. Founded in 2001, our award-winning law firm web designers and legal marketers have come to expand the businesses of over 500 satisfied clients specializing in a wide array of legal disciplines.

Proper website design for legal marketing purposes requires that the website contains more than just information. Potential clients can feel overwhelmed from trying to browse through a website without the right presentation and navigational functions. We have customized and marketed websites for law firms of every size, from sole practitioners to large practices. We focus on website design so our clients can focus on helping people.

Law Firm Marketing Online - Reach Out to Potential Clients

Once a well-designed website has been established for your law firm, marketing measures have to be put into place as well. With our techniques in internet marketing, law firms are easily found and accessed by people requiring legal representation. With internet marketing, attorney websites are found by their target audience: people actively seeking legal presentation. Our team can improve your online visibility and increase your client base as we continue to do for our current clients. We will work with you to ensure the end product fits your vision and your budget.

Education and Strategy for Legal Marketing

The Legal Marketing Firm also serves to educate practicing lawyers and law firm partners seeking to expand their practices and gain an edge over their competitors. Our primary goal is for our clients to grow professionally as well as personally. In essence, the Legal Marketing Firm is a community for professionals in marketing and the legal community to exchange ideas.

Law Firm Web Design

We provide high quality yet cost effective web design and legal marketing services to a wide range of law firms. Whether your firm consists of one or a hundred attorneys, a marketable website can be designed to meet your needs.

The internet is fast becoming the largest and most convenient resource for people seeking services, and it has come to encompass the legal representation industry as well. A potential client can find your competition with just a couple of key presses. To obtain an edge in this sort of competition, superior attorney marketing is required. The Legal Marketing Firm provides that edge.

Law firms without a website and proper marketing are missing out on potential clients who are trying to find their services. Millions of people are on the internet daily instead of looking through phonebooks. The Legal Marketing Firm can work with you to develop an innovative and informative website that will work for your legal practice.

If you already have a website, keep in mind that poor website design is the anti-thesis of a marketing tool for your law firm, and can effectively drive people to other attorneys. With poorly designed websites, users do not become engaged due to inadequate presentation, confusing navigation, or a combination of many other factors. Make sure your website reflects your professionalism. We can show you what works and what does not in a website, and adjust your law firm's website for marketing to new and old clients alike.

Our website designers are experienced and continually innovating to ensure they keep up with the latest design techniques and the changing trends of internet legal marketing. Search engine optimization will be implemented to make sure people can find your website without hassle. Our partnerships with major legal news outlets and our advanced internet marketing techniques will put your law firm's website at the top of potential clients' search results. These clients are a lawyer's target market, they are actively looking for attorneys by entering search terms into a search engine, as opposed to uninterested people passing by an expensive billboard.

The result will be an original design suited to differentiate you from your competition. Our website designers and internet marketers are among the best in the field, which enables us to meet the extensive standards of the legal profession.

The work is not finished there. Once your website is running and easily accessible by the world, we will make sure it is kept up-to-date and remains continually marketable. We understand that law firms spend most of their time helping their clients, so we offer a content management system that is simple to use so you can update your website with current information and news in minutes.

Do not miss out on potential clients due to a lack of online exposure. From attorneys specializing in one area of law to firms that provide a diverse range of legal services, we can design a website that fits your legal business. Our content management system accommodates site updates with ease, and our search optimization process will automatically market the site for your law firm. We are multifaceted and have solutions for all your online needs.

We can also assist with other legal marketing strategies, including brochure creation and other sorts of branding. We have partnerships with many legal networks and major public relation representatives to widen your online visibility.

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